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Post A Hospital Complaint - A Unique Site that allows patients to take control of their health care and how they have been treated in the hospital, Here Patients can post their Hospital Complaints, Doctor Complaints and Let the world know how they were really treated!Hospital Complaints - Hospital Billing Errors

  • Patients across the country are being over charged by Doctors and Hospital's without being questioned... Hospital's and Doctors get away with giving poor treatment.. Patients are going to the Emergency Room for 'immediate medical treatment' only to learn they'll have to wait hours to get seen. Patients are being neglected by hospital staff. Patients are being treated terrible by those who swear by the oath.. is a brilliant new public opinion web site which allows anyone to name, shame any hospital or doctor that has wronged you in any way.

Post A Hospital Complaint, Doctor Complaint, Rate A Doctor, Rate A Hospital

bad nurses - NICU Nurses and doctors
unqualified nurse's - nurse's in the NICU
rude financial dpt - none
Insulted and injured - N/a
Physical andd Mental Stress - N/A
Unexceptable ER care - na
My brother died in pain with no dignity - liver spec
Infective Endocarditis Overlooked - Don't remember name
Negligence - cassinelli
Denied treatment - Pooja Hingarani
Disrespectful and rude - Cormac O'Donovan
The hospital staff seemed to not care to any patience that's been waiting from the night before. I didn't expect the surgeon to not care but it turn out to be the worst one.. - George Giannokus
lack of concern with my over all health complaints,including pain - dr david mckee
Michelle Rose is under State investigation - Michelle Rose
Britney Nicole Torres aka rez - n/a
chest pain shortness of breath - nurse and doctor
Bad Emergency Room Service - Joseph Spinell
Security Guards Attacked patient - unknown
Rudeness and lack of care or help - Timothy m faber
Horrible Emergency room doctor care - Dr Patel
Unprofessional treatment at Parkview Randallia - too many to list
Annie Buote - Nurse--Annie Buote
Michelle Rose is a violent psychotic cunt - Barbara Steele
Still sick no thanks to you - DR JOE LEXON

Don't Let Them Get Away With It! - File A Complaint!

  • No more sitting back asking yourself, "What can I do about this?" - Here at you can do something, And best of all, it's absolutely free - It's time to take control! - Post a Hospital Complaint Today!

  • It's time to let Hospitals and Doctors know that they can't continue ripping people off and getting away with it. It is time to let them know that do don't approve of poor treatment and you want to let everyone know about their poor service!

  • Click on the Post A Complaint button above and report any Hospital or Doctor for anything! - It's that simple! Your personal information remains unknown to the hospita and doctorl. If for any reason you don't feel that you were treated right, or your being treated fairly when it comes to health care - then don't stand by... File A Complaint about a doctor and or hospital today! ...Do it anonymously if you would like!

This website does three things:

First, It allows you to tell others about your experience and allows you to get help from others who may have experienced the same similar situation with the same doctor, hospital or health care provider.

Second, uses the enormous power of the internet, social networking & national media, to name and shame hospitals and doctors who are set on over charging, neglecting or failing to provide treatment on a national scale, bringing swift justice without the cost, time & stress that is associated with a legal challenge. Simple and Free to use, your story / complaint will be posted for the world to see within hours or days, warning other patients and consumers of your horrible experience(s), allowing them to compare and comment on their experience as well. also uses clever search engine ranking technology to ensure that any complaints made about a specific hospital or doctor are extremely transparent to any future or potential patient. Here you can share real life experiences which help you gain leverage and solve personal complaints as well as see how other hospitals and doctors are treating their patients and how patients are dealing with it.

And third, Finally, Your complaint will get plenty of exposure to help you in getting justice when things go terribly wrong by providing you with tips and resources.

You may even choose to have your complaint submitted to the hospital or doctor that your filing a complaint against... Imagine what will go through their mind when they hear that a complaint has been filed against them!


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