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Inflated Bill Judgement

Hospital Complaint About: Mary Washington Hospital - Mary Washington

Virginia, Fredericksburg
Author: Daniel Mcdonald
Hospital Service: Poor Service

Occur date: Mar 25 2009
Post date: Nov 28 2010, 04:58:35 PM

Doctor Complaint: Mary Washington - Mary Washington Hospital

I went to the hospital because I had pain in my left arm and wanted it check out to make sure that there were no heart problems.That was on a Saturday afternoon and was told by a nurse that I would have to spend the night for observation. I told the admission officer that I did not have insurance and she told me I would be a charity case.I spend the entire week-end in the hospital never saw a doctor and was release that Monday by a nurse whom told me that I was fine.I supply all the necessary documents for the for the charity care three time and was told that they never receive it when in fact I hand carry the forms.The agency that handle the charity care is a collection agency of the hospital. I was not given the charity care or payment arrangement but a judgement on my credit report within seven months.I trying to get someone to help me get this resolve.

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Address: 1001 Sam Perry Boulevard - Virginia, Fredericksburg Phone: (540) 899-1100

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Kelly Chivers
Hospital In Complaint
Dec 03 2010, 03:49:32 PM
I would love to get more information from you because right now I am currently dealing with almost the same issue however it is much more severe. My uncle has been hospitalized since 28 Nov 2010. I took him to the ER with a fever of 103.7. They made us sit in the waiting area, forced us to fill out paperwork (even though he was seen that previous Wednesday there) and waited for 15 minutes. I informed them again he was burning up with a fever and asked if they could get some ice to cool him down. I was told that they couldn't do anything until the doctor sees him. Well after a few choice words I went into the restroom and wet some papertowels and stood there fanning him for another 15 minutes until they finally took him back.

He is still there and I am desperate for help because they aren't keeping us informed of anything they are doing. I was told by the doctor that a lung biopsy was done on Tuesday and still no results. They moved him into another room yesterday without informing us and I had to contact the nurses station to find out why they moved him. I get the stupid comment let me get you to his nurse. Once connected this nurse informs me that he is being tested for TB and had to be put in isolation. I find it absolutely astonishing that they would not inform us of this information. I am very aware that TB is a very contagious disease and how can a hospital be so ignorant enough to not at least contact the family to make them aware just in case. ??? And that's just a piece of this crazy situation. I attempted to contact a lawyer and I was told there is nothing I can do. Patient Advocates really aren't advocates for the patients. I know from first hand experience. And don't try to contact Richmond they will just hang up on you when you begin to cry. I am helpless and I am afraid that I may lose my uncle. I spoke with a nurse this morning in regards to his fever and asked her how was the fever during the night? Her response was, "I wasn't on night shift so I don't know if he had a fever or not." Then I asked her, "Don't you keep records of this?" Pure silence. Absolutely unbelievable. I seen your complaint and this isn't my first run in with Mary Washington. I am hoping maybe you and I could compare notes and try to stop this..

Daniel McDonald
Hospital In Complaint
Feb 06 2011, 10:10:01 AM
Sean Barden the Chief Financial Officer of the Hospital will not act on any billing complaint, but will continue to sent you back to collection.I never heard of a collection agency given charity, what a joke.

Infllated Bill
Hospital In Complaint
Feb 28 2011, 06:13:44 PM
Sean Barden the Chief Financial Officer must be stupid don't care or just don't know what going on with the abuse of excessive overcharging of patients who don't have insurance. The charity care is run by the collection department in the hospital, I never heard of of a collection agency given charity.The reason why things are the way they are is because they have these politicians in their pocket.There is only one judge and the same judge no matter how many times you go to civil court,there no justice there.

R. Scott Pugh
Former Patient
Mar 10 2011, 08:58:33 PM
Their Attorney R.Scott Pugh for the hospital states that Mary Washington Hospital is not subject to the Fair Credit Collection Practices Act because they are a creditor. So they can charge uninsured patients as much as they want because there is no overseer at MWH.He has the blessing of Sean Barden CFO.

Jessica Hansen
Hospital In Complaint
Apr 23 2011, 02:10:28 AM
Why was it that my daughter, Jessica Hansen, came into this hospital and 4 hours later she is sitting here with chest pains. She told the people sitting at the front desk and they seem to not care. People come here because of concern they have not to be ignored. I thought we were in America not some third world country. This hospital needs improvement. Show compassion when needed. This is the only hospital that you sit in for hours in the ER to be seen.

Odell Greene
Hospital In Complaint
Oct 02 2011, 08:56:40 AM
Over charging! My wife had two CT scans and they charged us $4K. We went to another hospital in VA for a second opinion were she had 4 CT Scans one in ER and 3 while admitted. They all cost the same $400 max per scan. I called billing and they said that they charge what they charge and there is no negotiaton. They tried to give me a website to go to so that I can compare their cost to other hospitals. I told them I did not need a comparison because I had one and they were over priced by at least $1800 per scan. They then offered the charity/collection agency and I told Katherin that I did not want it. This is the worst hospital my family has ever experienced from start to finish. Stafford hospital is affiliated with MWH. Now we take our money to UVA.

Cindy Bersche
Hospital In Complaint
Jan 19 2012, 02:53:33 PM
On 12/23/10 while visiting my mother in the ER,I fainted and was admitted to mwh and held oversight
for oberseration. I have spend almost 6 months trying to informed Mary Wash. collection dept that all bills are paid in full. Also MW needs to
have this debt removed from credit report asap.
if this is not done within next 30 days you will be hearing from my attorney. This hospital has
alot of issues and should be investigated on their
charges and billing procedures.

Hospital In Complaint
Apr 28 2012, 11:09:36 AM
MWH provides great service but are often vague in their billing & their billing practices are antiquated. After a DVT & PE I ended up on blood thinners & was referred to MWH Anticoagulation clinic. Here several times a month & they check your blood. I have never seen a physican at the clinic but they billed it as Outpatient Hospitalization which I have a $100/occurrance. Had they billed me after the first visit I would have caught this and addressed but they did not bill or anything from July 2011-March 2012!!! This means I had no idea this was the case until it was way too late. I maxed out of pocket insurance for 2011 & they are still billing me for what my insurance did not pay. Trying to get assistance is impossible. They need to do a process review on their billing practices & procedures.

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