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I was in town working with a few hours off to treat 2 small spots of poison ivy in an earlystage. I...

Hospital: Clara Maass Medical Center
May 25 2012, 04:32:39 AM

Im unsure on the date. There is many dates that I have been. I have been dealing with clinics and ERs...

Hospital: Mercy Hospital
May 25 2012, 04:32:36 AM

I was in PHP this February. I had some very wierdexperienceswiththePHPtherapistKieth....

Hospital: Carolina Center For Behav Hlth
May 25 2012, 04:32:33 AM
PHP Therapist by Aaditya Rao

I was in the PHP program in February.. IwantedtosaythatIhadsomestrangeexperiences...

Hospital: Carolina Center For Behav Hlth
May 25 2012, 04:32:27 AM
horrible nurses by Pat Kamuda

There were several cruelties from several nurses and aids. I had to broken arms. The supervisor of nurses...

Hospital: Jackson Purchase Medical Ctr
May 25 2012, 04:32:24 AM
Neglect by Joel Holden

My Mother was sent to the Easton Hospital by her primary Doctor to figure out a problem. She has had...

Hospital: Memorial Hosp At Easton Md
May 25 2012, 04:32:22 AM

On 3 seperate occasions for ER visits, Adult, and pediatric, staff was rude. From the time of arrival...

Hospital: Countryside Hospital
May 25 2012, 04:32:20 AM

Several serious issues have occurred at the Carlisle Regional Medical Center. Which include 1. Patients...

Hospital: Carlisle Regional Medical Ctr
May 25 2012, 04:32:18 AM

Listen people in pain don't make things up .. its not like we are waiting on food at a restaurant...

Hospital: Medical Center Of Plano
May 25 2012, 04:32:15 AM

My son was taken to Northwest Hospital ER, they did not have a specialist or anyone who could take care...

Hospital: Florida Medical Center
May 25 2012, 04:32:13 AM
My father was killed by Mayra Grandio

My father was admitted at Mercy Hospital on Thursday, February 16th for a psychiatric evaluation as he...

Hospital: Mercy Hospital
May 22 2012, 03:02:06 PM

My husband suffers from chronic kidney stones, had his worse attack ever and I took him to Baptist ER...

Hospital: Baptist Hospital Of Miami
May 21 2012, 01:36:15 PM

I went in to emergency room (closest stroke hospital) with dangerously high blood pressure. Was taken...

Hospital: Seven Rivers Community Hosp
May 14 2012, 11:26:52 AM
Incompetent ER staff by Doug Schroeder

I arrived at the ER with a complaint of a torn ligament or muscle, i was in a pretty fair amountofpain...

Hospital: Maryvale Hospital Med Center
May 10 2012, 08:11:14 PM

I am an nurse that had to stay with my husband during his 5 day stay at Mercy Suburban Hospital toprotect...

Hospital: Mercy Suburban Hospital
May 08 2012, 04:53:37 PM

Went to ER and am i was shocked at the bill of $1600. The Dr saw me in less than oneminute.Shedidn't...

Hospital: Three Rivers Health
May 01 2012, 06:44:21 PM
ER by phia robinson

i have been waiting in the er for 3 hrs now. I waited 5 days at home in pain to avoidcomingbackhere....

Hospital: Onslow Memorial Hospital
Apr 27 2012, 01:25:11 AM
Malpractice by Bai Burley

If you had a mechanical problem in your home, for example the water heater is leaking . You call a plumber...

Hospital: Prattville Baptist Hospital
Apr 25 2012, 03:09:32 PM
ER Billing Fraud by Steven Geisler

On 9-11-11 I was experiencing extreme pain. With it being Sunday evening I could not see my regular...

Hospital: Desert Samaritan Medical Ctr
Apr 18 2012, 05:52:17 PM

First of all, i was sent away from the ER three times before they admitted me, one time was even byambulance. Being...

Hospital: Edward Hospital
Apr 18 2012, 04:15:22 PM

I was in town working with a few hours off to treat 2 small spots of poison ivy in an earlystage. I...

Hospital: Clara Maass Medical Center
Apr 16 2012, 11:27:41 AM

I was running and felt something pull which I thought was my back and told them that I had fell!...

Hospital: Floyd Medical Center
Apr 14 2012, 01:12:07 AM

I took my husband to the ER late in the night as he developed intense sharp pains in the back, sides...

Hospital: Northside Hospital
Apr 14 2012, 01:12:05 AM

On December 7th, 2011 I was diagnosed w/ Peripheral Arterial Disease and treated/operated on immediately...

Hospital: Crozer-Chester Medical Center
Apr 14 2012, 01:12:02 AM

Hello, My name is Angel Izquierdo. A few months a go I had an appointment with a Dr. Lomas and then...

Hospital: University Hospital
Apr 14 2012, 01:11:55 AM
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